In the wake of the spread of Buddhism

One day, going on another trip, I remembered – from a friend, with whom we have recently fishing was a very effective repellent – is the fact that the place where I was going to go with friends to have been inhabited even by mosquitoes, but these winged vampires.

So, I come to his friend to lend him superfunds, and he immediately saddled his skate and began to tell me about the polymer-coatings. Ten minutes later, I had forgotten why he had come. Well, when it was time for me to leave, he asked about the reason for my visit. Only in this way, four Russian travelers in the hills on the border with Mongolia were gnawed clean creepy bloodsucking monsters.

So, visit Datsan Ivolginsky, we continued to walk in the footsteps of the spread of Buddhism. Our path lay in Mongolia. Unfortunately, along with socialism in the republic trouble I came. During the struggle with a hostile ideology were arrested 17 000 Buddhist monks, including 14,000 were shot.

Railway station in Ulan-Ude. Photo from uralpolit.ruK border we went to train in comfort. Last night in Ulan-Ude left a painful impression. As usual, we decided to spend the night in the square in front of the station. It is know convenient. Who would have thought that this was the night the local thugs are not satisfied with their showdown just before the station. Good thing we took for pilgrims – well, who else would spend the night on the bare ground in the square, it would otherwise have to take part in the stabbing.

The windows in the train were wide open, however, the temperature in the car exceeded all conceivable limits. I was thinking that if the stick his head out of the window will be easier to breathe. As I was naive. Now, I would not do that. When it became unbearable, we left the hospitable train.

Walking under the scorching sun was still the challenge. No wind, no shady trees. Naked, hot sun hills. And only when, on the advice of my teachers, we asked the Buddha to send us a refreshing breeze – it blew! Not much, but it is noticeable. Its gusts felt the coolness of the Selenga River, behind which is the border with Mongolia.

On the border with Mongolia. Photo from offroadmaster.ruNe than an hour, we came to the river, and by clicking on the railway bridge to the other side, climbing the hill settled down to rest. In the evening we were in terrible ordeal. But we did not even know existed.

Swimming in the river to refresh and breathed into us so much energy that we ran to a nearby hill to watch from afar vidnevsheesya construction. At the top was the design of the long poles with numerous ribbons tied to them. Apparently, it was a place of worship of local residents.

In the evening, we reluctantly found that the smell of insect repellent, which was discussed earlier in this article, acts on the local mosquito as the causative agent. Well, we had two tents, and we went to the trick. Drizzle means to attract bloodsucking monsters inside of a tent, in a roundabout way, we sneaked into the second! We rested much calmer than in Ulan-Ude.