Getting to Mongolia

“Aeroflot” flies from Moscow to Ulan Bator 5 times a week, three of its own flights on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, and two joint ventures with “Mongolian Airlines” – on Thursdays and Sundays. Flight time – a little more than 6 hours. Flights sit in the airport of Ulan Bator under the double name Buyant-Ear – Genghis Khan. Direct flights are also made from Irkutsk, more planes regularly fly from Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Yekaterinburg and Ulan-Ude. Residents of the northern capital, as well as the citizens of Ukraine and Belarus, have to get a transplant in Moscow.

In addition, from Moscow to Ulan Bator, you can come by train, to submit to the Yaroslavl station twice a week and follows the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. On the way you will have to spend 4 days and 5 hours. Residents of Irkutsk was more fortunate: departures every day and around 36 hours on the road.

Nearby regions of Russia and Mongolia also bind regular bus routes.