There is no land and rangers. Here, the fish do not know what a wobbler and mikrodzhig. But there is a wild and untouched places on the mountain lake, have not frightened the fish, and you have a passion and spinning. Mongolian grayling – endemic, and the largest species. Our record of 3.3 kg. Predatory Altai Osman is little studied. Our record of 6.0 kg.

This program was born after many attempts to combine the ardent desire of the tribe of fishermen and other nature lovers. We recognize his defeat.

So long live the fishing and only fishing.

The program allows you to test different versions of fishing: from the shore and from a boat in the river and lake. We will visit the beautiful lakes of western Mongolia, in a conservation area and the border. Tackles you pick yourself. In addition to spinning and bait can be captured: in small streams spinning ineffective. Fly fisherman, too, have great results. General recommendations are on site.

Do not be afraid to experiment – in the ear and a snack catch fish no problem. Our main task is to catch trophy sized grayling. Number of little interest to us.

Warned that “the road” in Mongolia is a bit tedious, but we hope that you, every hour, and it is better to spend this hour on your favorite activity. So the timetable is very tight. This is especially true of the last day in Mongolia, where we are right on the lake go to the border.

We take steps to export salted fish in a small amount, but can not give guarantees. Epizootic situation in Mongolia can change dramatically.

Note 1: In all fairness, I should add that people prefer to stay in the hands of the camera, not spinning, too, can have a great time, which he will abound.

Note 2: If you have formed their own company, we are willing to discuss the program of the tour and will make changes that suit your team.